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Of course! You just need to follow these simple steps, and we will make your garment come true.

Yes, we only need the editable file (Adobe Illustrator) or a reference image (JPG, PDF) of the design you have already created, so we can adapt it to our clothes and send you a preview of how the final result would look like.

You have two options: If you are in Lima, you can visit us at our office located in Miraflores. If you are anywhere in Peru, we have samples of sizes that we can send to the city where you are. This will only be possible if the order is for a team of at least 6 people.

The minimum order is one garment, and depending on the complexity of the design, this could have an extra cost.

Once the payment, design and size have been confirmed, our delivery time is approximately two weeks. (The term may vary depending on the number of garments and time of year)

You can pay in cash, make a bank transfer (BCP, Interbank) or use your Visa credit / debit card.

If you have put the garment to good use and you find a manufacturing defect, we will make the warranty solving the problem. For this you can approach our office, or you can write to contacto@kata.pe

You can get a discount from 12 items in one order.